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Committee meetings

The committee meets usually once per month usually in the clubhouse or otherwise at another venue.

Next meeting.

The next meeting is to be determined. Once decided the agenda will be circulated via email to the committee members.

Minutes of meetings.

Minutes of meetings are circulated to the committee via email. Approved minutes will be posted in the clubhouse.

The most recent Annual General Meeting of the club was held on Tuesday 26th November 2019. The draft minutes are now available here.

Committee members

Name Responsibility Contact phone email
Tony LewisPresident01730-263925
Rollo WicksteedChairman01730-262706
Graham HughesVice-Chair
Stuart SmithSecretary07803-807428
Chris ElseyTreasurer01730-267154
Tom MercerFixtures Secretary07850-080839
VacancyChild Welfare Officer
John Smith1stXI Captain07738-933234
Jack Coles2ndXI Captain07826-907899
David YouellSunday Captain07809-422596
Stuart SmithMidweek coordinator
James KiddleGroundsman
Jack ColesSocial07826-907899
Tom McCubbinEvents/Bar