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Ashurst league fixtures for season 2016.

We have entered the Ashurst 20/20 league for the first time this year. We will play five league games as well as some cup matches. Most clubs play their home games on a Tuesday but we will play on a Thursday.

Date Opponents Venue Time Result
Thu 12-May Liss H 6pm Lost
Thu 19-May Petersfield H 6pm Won
Thu 26-May Elsted (Cup) H 6pm Won
Thu 9-Jun Elsted H 6pm Won
Tue 5-July Liss (Cup) A 6pm Won
Thu 7 July Ebernoe A 6pm
Tue 12-July Haslemere A 6pm
Thu 28-Jul Petersfield - Cup Final (at Liss) A 6pm Lost