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Steep Cricket Club - Hall of Fame - Bill Jarman

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Any Steep CC 'roll of honour' would have to start with Bill Jarman. Born in 1900, Bill spent the whole of his life in Steep where he worked as the Bedales Estate Manager.

Between the wars, Bill WAS Steep cricket; as a glance at the Committee Minutes of the time show. Not only was he regularly the most successful batsman and bowler, it was always Bill that undertook to 'repair the cricket shed', or, 'buy a new bat', or 'service the mower'. One of his proudest possessions was the ball with which he once took all 10 wickets at a match at Bedales.

His son Basil and Grandson Andrew both played with distinction for Steep and are amongst the club's most gifted performers.

Bill's last appearance on the ground was in 1992 (photo above) when he formally opened the then new pavilion. Inside there is a plaque commemorating the occasion alongside a team picture of our 1922 XI (photo below) which included him in the front row.

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Bill died a boundary or so short of his century and put down his longevity to smoking 20 Woodbines a day and looking twice before he crossed the road!