Steep Stoolball Club - Weekday fixtures 2016.

Date Opponents Venue Time Result Report
Mon 25 Lodsworth Away 6.30pm
Mon 9 Tillington Away 6.30pm
Mon 16 Midhurst Away 6.30pm
Wed 18 Kirdford Home 6.30pm
Mon 23 Ebernoe Away 6.30pm
Wed 25 Northchapel Home 6.30pm
Mon 6 Northchapel Away 6.30pm
Wed 8 Lodsworth Home 6.30pm
Mon 13 3 counties Away 6.30pm
Wed 15 Tillington Home 6.30pm
Mon 20 Elsted Away 6.30pm
Wed 29 Lodsworth Home 6.30pm
Wed 6 Midhurst Home 6.30pm
Wed 13 Ebernoe Home 6.30pm
Mon 18 Kirdford Away 6.30pm
Wed 27 3 Counties Home 6.30pm
Wed 17 Elsted Home 6.30pm

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